how to earn more osrs gold

Ways To Earn OSRS Gold Fast

Warning: If you still don’t have a high-level character in OSRS, then this guide on ways to earn OSRS gold fast may not be right for you today.

OSRS is still one of the most popular MMORPGs out there today. And if you’ve been playing the game for a while now and are looking for ways to earn more money fast in OSRS, then you should start doing these methods below.

Ways To Make Money In OSRS

Making money in OSRS can be easy if you know what to focus your energy on. We’ve identified some ways you can earn OSRS gold fast and easy.

Steal items and sell them on the Grand Exchange

In RuneScape, you are capable of stealing, and this is known as the Theft Skill. This specific skill allows you to steal from other players or NPCs. As your Theft skill increases in level, there is a greater chance of stealing more profitable OSRS items in the long run.

One of the most profitable and recommended items to steal is RuneScape seeds. These seeds are in great demand and can be stolen from a Farming Master. When you are stealing fro a Farming/ Seed Master, you have a greater chance of obtaining a higher value of seeds.

An example of these types of seeds is the seed of Herbs. Depending on the seed, some can be sold for up to 250,000 OSRS Gold. The Snapdragon, Ranarr, and Torstol are always in high demand, so you should also target them as you improve your skills in stealing.

Be a Coal trader

Remember the old saying when you invest in stocks in real life?

Buy low and sell high.

Since coal is always in good demand in RuneScape. It’s one of the best OSRS items to specialize on. It is advisable that you have at least 10,000 worth of OSRS gold to start this venture.

Go to the Grand Exchange and place an order for a certain amount of coal that would fit your current budget. Place a low offer and wait until someone accepts it. Wait for a while and sell them for 10 to 30 percent profit. If that’s not possible in the current situation, but more coal until you’re able to get a price that will allow you to sell your coal inventory and profit a good amount of OSRS gold.

When done properly, you can achieve a profit of 60% of your starting capital or more. You should repeat this process until approximately 200,000 to 500,000 RS Gold is obtained. After this, it will be easier for you to make a lot of money, as you will be able to buy a huge amount of coal at once, and thus increase your profits more and more.

Defeat several Chaos Druids

Fighting and slaying monsters to earn amazing rewards off them is one of the most common ways to enrich you in all MMORPGs today, and RuneScape is no different. In this videogame, there are several monsters that can guarantee great benefits once you defeat them, and among them, we urge you to focus on “The Druids of Chaos”.

This monster is one of the main prey of every RuneScape player. The Chaos Druid can be found in the Chaos Druid tower and the Edgeville resource dungeon. This monster has a 13 combat level and a not that hard to beat 200 Life Points.

Defeating this enemy is simple yet is a great source of expensive OSRS items. Druids are popular for the rate of herbs they drop. Depending on the prices available on the Grand Exchange, with each Chaos Druid defeated you can receive up to 9,000 OSRS Gold. The Chaos Druids are also a great source of runes of Law and Nature.

RuneScape offers a lot of great possibilities for each of its players, but the best way to harness the full potential of all Gielinor is to acquire as much RS money as possible. We are hoping that these strategies we’ve provided to you on how to earn more OSRS gold can be useful in your journey. Always remember that in order to do each of these methods, you must have a lot of patience and to know how to invest money wisely.

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