Runescape One Small Favour

Boring as fuck, not interesting, and you have to restart about fourty times from snare failures. I tend to really hate quests which have got things locked behind them, such as the previously mentioned and The Fremennik Trials. Unlocking Fairy Rings was pretty dreadful, but like Fremmy Trials it is not RNG-based just how much time it takes, it’s only the items you must get the Necromancer.
That way you now have a cup of hot water, now make your way into Varrock. Go to the armour shop north-east of Varrock Square and Speak to Horvik. He is very ill and requires a herbal antidote plus a few pigeon cages to modify into chicken cages. Go north-east into Fred the Farmer’s house and talk to him. Fred does not have enough chickens, so he Tells you to visit Seth Groats. Seth is located east on the other side of the river from the huge chicken farm right next to the cow area.
This should not pose too much of a problem for the majority of players, as you won’t invest an excessive amount of time in locations where you’re in danger of grabbing their attention, but it doesn’t hurt to tread carefully. Proceed west into the ocean, and there will be a ladder. He’ll tell you to go to Port Sarim and receive the axe sharpened there. Buy a ticket from him (26-45coins) or even teleport to Port Sarim any manner possible. Go outside the village to the southwest, and talk to a Jungle forester there.
One Small Favour OSRS Quest
Traveling back to Seers’ Village And talk to Phantuwti. Proceed through the various choices one by one till you see the option that discusses’Tools’, and’What mix of tools’ is necessary for the repair. He eventually confesses that his weather vane is broken, and give you permission to go up on the roof to repair it. Access the roof through the ladder, in the construction with the spinning wheel, to the east. Go to the Feldip Hills (rapid access available by employing fairy ring code”AKS,” then heading east) and speak to Rantz on the eastern side of the hills. He cannot do it due to the loud disturbance caused by a small man, that is scaring the chompy birds away.
He’ll inform you he is on the lookout for a missing individual and cannot perform the weather forecast till she’s found. Proceed to the Fishing Guild and east of you on your own mini-map you need to observe a dungeon sign. Enter the cave and proceed north along the east wall till you visit a cave in which Petra is trapped in a stone.
She asks you to convince him to leave her alone. The plantations are situated to the shore of the Barbarian Village. Learn more about How To Level Up Herblore Training In OSRS here. You will find Hammerspike if you head south and then west past the anvils as far as you can go. Johanhus is situated directly west of this mobile in the marginally darker colored robes. He states he will free Jimmy should you get him one month’s supply of hens from Jimmy’s brother, Fred the Farmer.

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