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Runescape: Defeating The Culinaromancer

Start: After you end the 8 subquests, a white portal will appear within the dining room. Sharks or higher healing foods are really useful during the fights if in case you have lower than 60 defense.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending particulars observe. Enter it when you’re able to battle. Should you attempt to enter the portal before ending Desert Treasure, a message will appear saying “It’s good to have accomplished Desert Treasure to access this portal.” You may and will bank after each kill to revive pots and food!

When you are in the strange dimension, you’ll find the Culinaromancer, a few white portals that lead again to Lumbridge, and considered one of your earlier quest bosses. Super units are additionally really helpful.

Items wanted: Certain armour and weapons for every boss, tons of good healing food such as sharks. In a position to defeat some excessive-degree monsters without prayer. You can depart and stock up after defeating one boss without shedding your house within the fight. The Culinaromancer is simply too sturdy to be defeated until you’ve got defeated the first 5 bosses. This is basically the female counterpart of Kamil from the Desert Treasure quest.

This is Agrith-Naar from the Shadow of the Storm quest, however he is now manufactured from bananas and is level 146. He makes use of melee up close and fireplace blast at a distance. If you’re ranging, use Ice arrows. He drops one banana. Kill him nevertheless you want, with meals. If you are maging, make sure to use water spells & mage armour (Mystic robes, Ahrim’s robes, and many others.).

He’s level 149 now. He’s more durable to defeat without prayer, but you must just kill him nevertheless you like with plenty of food. He additionally teleports you close to him in the event you run from him. He drops cakes. Also in case you do not need ice gloves, it’s a good idea to have a full stock of something and don’t eat till you’re at low hp. This is Fareed from Desert Treasure.

This is basically the female counterpart of Kamil from the Desert Treasure quest. You need Ice Gloves to wield a weapon. Fight her up close with a fire spell that you are properly above the required degree to do since she lowers your stats. If maging, use mage armour.

Bring stat restore potions and many food. Dragon dagger particular attacks are very efficient on him. If maging, use mage armour. Bring lots of food, then defeat him as quickly as potential. If using melee and you don’t have a really high degree, it is recommended that you simply convey a superset. When you have killed the Culinaromancer you will note a short cutscene, it’s extremely humorous! She changes colour relying on her weakness. However, in contrast to her male counterpart in Desert Treasure, Karamel’s melee assaults don’t do any harm. However, even when you plan to primarily battle with magic, ranging armour is recommended to protect in opposition to this monster’s ranging assault. As per regular, melee does not work very effectively. He drops chocolate dust. This is the Dagannoth Mother from the Horror from the Deep quest. She will hit over 20 with melee, however she uses ranged from a distance, which is weaker. If maging, use mage armour. When defeated, she drops a choc-ice. After you have defeated the Gelatinnoth Mother, the Culinaromancer himself will attack you. She is stage 130. Using magic allows you to cowl 4 of the 6 colours with one set of armour & weapons. He might be fairly arduous to hit even with one. Melee would not work very well on him, but magic does. That is Dessous from Desert Treasure. Kill him with any assault and produce meals. He makes use of magic but tries to stand up close to attack as properly.

OSRS Desert Treasure Guide

Talk to the archaeologist on the Bedabin Camp, the quickest option to get there’s using Ali Morrisane’s flying carpets. 2. Go to the Digsite east of Varrock, once there head south into the Digsite Examination space, there you find the expert who “Magically” becomes Terry Balando.

Agree and he will provide the tablet. He’ll let you know about a stone pill he discovered and he asks if you wish to take it to the Digsite for examination for him. Talk to him and he will take the pill, he says talk to him in a minute after he has completed translating the tablet. Talk to him again and he will give you the notes. 3.

Before heading back to the archaeologist, bank, and withdraw, in Notes, 12 Magic logs, 6 Molten glass, 6 Steel bars, Ashes, Charcoal, 1 Blood rune, and Bones. Noting these objects, especially bones stops errors which could result in dropping the objects.

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